In the tale “the hare and the tortoise”,

parking businesses are the tortoise.

Integrating Wireless IoT devices, Smartphone, Blockchain,

and Virtual Currencies technologies to any existing parking facility

Towards the new business models

required to compete today.

We develop,

build and provide support.

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In the tale "the hare and the tortoise", parking businesses are the tortoise.

Parking facilities are a safe cost-fixed income business. But they can’t increase sales like the others. To increase net income they must lower operating cost and boost personnel productivity, to achieve that it is essential the use of productivity improving technology. Intelipark provides an adaptive platform that easily integrates new technology to any parking facility system toward the new business models required to compete today.

Intelipark Smart Platform

An integrated, efficient platform, adaptable to any parking facility management system with guaranteed lowest prices.

Provides with an effective and proved technology solutions to:

Distribution, Deployment & Maintenance

Equipment Cost & Obsolescence

Tickets, Tokens, Cards, Credit Cards, etc.

Service payments

Hardware financing

Money handling charges

IPSP provides real time data of the number of vehicles entering, leaving and moving within its different areas
IPSP controls the opening entrance and exit barriers or gates, and it issues electronic tickets.

ISP Smart Platform advantages



Better parking facility and space utilization. The user finds parking spots quickly, diminished bottlenecks and increasing traffic volume.


Reduction of administrative costs, e-ticket and transactions using Smart Contracts, guarantee automated data security.


Increase work performance, without having to walk aimlessly up and down the parking lot.


Greenhouse emissions reduction help with environmental regulation compliance and it reduces maintenance costs such as cleaning and painting.


Integrated real-time data analysis allows optimal Parking Facility management.


Increased security by associating vehicles with the identity of a Smartphone and improves the image of the Parking facility and related establishments.


Leading-edge technology, incorporating IoT (Internet of Things) to the Cloud and the Blockchain that enables new technologies to maintain competitiveness.


Easy installation and maintenance via wireless connections; with total compatibility that allows easy transition to new technologies.


One of the least expensive systems in the market today, with guaranteed service, that only charges for actual operating time/usage.

We develop, build and provide support.

Carlos Ayala


The IoT, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies disrupt the financial, industrial, commercial and communication systems, any small or large company must be able to incorporate them to progress. At Intelipark we are developing our ideas and products from their foundations with these tools; It is exciting to see the future emerge today.
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Ing. Eduardo Rosario

CTO Systems Architect

Today's technology is the sum of millions of small ideas applied. Intelipark platform is also the sum of many elements, for the client is just a 'click' as an act of magic or juggling, but synchronize that all components work perfectly takes many hours of practice, trial and error.
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Víctor Ustáriz

Lead Designer

When manufacturing the components of our platform we know the system from a nut or small connection to the interaction of the system in the cloud with the end user, that allows us to correct the smallest detail an offer a solid parking management platform.
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