The customer or driver with a Smartphone app (easy to download and install) can open the barrier (gate) enter or exit the parking lot, dispense an e-ticket, buy an e-card or pay. As a driver approach the entrance or exit gate, the InteliPark Smart Platform (IPSP) confirms the exact location of the closest smartphone with micro-locators beacons and establishes a Bluetooth link with only that mobile device. No need to have Internet connection, a bluetooth signal is enough to safely communicate and interact with IPSP to perform multiple tasks. Simultaneously, IPSP transmits wirelessly transactional data to the Blockchain that resides in the Cloud. As the car passes trough, IPSP updates the LED screens located throughout the Parking Lot with the new car count, and informs the parking management.

Smartphone - APP - Barrier

Smartphone - APP - WiFi / GSM

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