Enter / Exit

When a car drives close to the gates, IPSP detects the vehicle’s presence with a magnetic loop embedded in the floor and connected to an Iot device close by, called IP Block. This device (developed and manufactured exclusively by Intelipark) links the Induction loop, the smartphone, the micro-locations beacons, the barrier mechanisms and the LED display with the IPSP platform’s Node IP Block that perform all corresponding transactions that are safely executed and recorded on the Blockchain in the Cloud.

Similar process occur in every ramp or parking lot area, an inductive loop detects motion activity and updates the data send to the management that allows the administrator to close or open parking lot sections, in order to balance traffic flows for better overall use of spaces. Also the corresponding LED display reflects this accurate real-time information so does the storage in the Cloud for further historical data analysis.
Intelipark has integrated proved communications technologies and solid components in the IPSP, it’s IP Blocks are provided with back up batteries and a redundant software capable of performing reliable operations in adverse conditions, such as power failure or lost internet connection.

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